Quilting Projects: Part 2

Here comes Peter Cottontail…….hoppin’ down the bunny trail….

This is one of my happiest “finishes” ever!  I completed almost all of it when I had a little retreat a few weeks ago.  I got this kit about 3 years ago from Connecting Threads…..immediately started it, but never finished it.  I hand appliqued the bunnies, so that was the time consuming part.  Yes, I admit, I should have just appliqued by machine to speed up the process.  But once I started doing them by hand, I didn’t want to stop.  If you are a seamstress, I used “needle turn applique, freezer paper method”.  If you don’t sew, that will mean nothing to you 🙂

Bunny Runner 1

The mouth and whiskers were embroidered with DMC floss, and I opted for quickly sewing on button eyes instead of embroidering even more.  Remember, I wanted to FINISH this???  I also took fabric scraps and made 3 Dimensional bows (those were supposed to be appliqued) and I just pinned them on after the project was complete.  I quilted by machine around each bunny head, and a rectangle around the edges of the striped material.  Lots of quilting options, but in my attempt to actually see this on my table this year, I kept it simple.

 Bunny Runner 2

In case you didn’t know, our little toddler says one bunny is mommy, one bunny is daddy, and one bunny is her.  Cute! Guess dad has to wear a bow!

Bunny Runner 3

I am just so happy with how this turned out!  Love having it on our table! If you haven’t ever checked out the fabrics, kits, and accessories available at Connecting Threads, you are really missing out.  I order regularly from them.  The quality is exceptional and the prices can’t be beat!  CLICK HERE!

Bunny Runner 4


Quilting Projects: Part 1

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you “The Diary of the Long-Lost Seamstress”….

You see, this faithful stamper is also very passionate about sewing, quilting, and all things fabric!  I was able to escape reality this past weekend and hide out with some girlfriends and enjoyed some time to sew!  It was a much needed “therapy session” and reminded me how much I miss my sewing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the hats I wear, and I’m thankful for full-time employment that is paying for college……but I often wish that there were more hours in the day.  And I know that many of you can relate.

So, I want to share some of the projects that I worked on this past weekend.

Project 1:  Quilting newBEEs group project

I’m in a monthly online group (organized via Flickr) and we all help each other make quilt blocks.  The hostess for the month sends us the fabric and the instructions, and we sew!  This month’s tutorial was found at Film In the Fridge and you can see lots of fun tutorials by clicking on “TUTORIALS” at the top of her page.  This one is a variation of the String Quilt Block.   Super quick and easy…..great way to use scraps.  The beauty of this group is that I get to try out new ideas, new fabrics, and things that I might not “normally” be attracted to.  Sometimes the projects stretch me a little, as they might not be my usual style.  But whatever the hostess picks is what we sew!  Next month is my month!!!  WOOHOO!!  I’m busy cutting fabric and preparing the to mail.


Project 2:  Baby Quilt and Matching Lovey

I have a very special shower to attend on March 22nd.  I needed a very special gift for this new baby girl.  I knew that this would be my only time to sew, unless I wanted to burn the midnight oil.  So, I grabbed some fabric that I’ve had in my stash for a year or two and chose my favorite “quick and easy” pattern — The Disappearing Nine Patch — and I got busy.  Very busy!  These are the fabrics that I had purchased at Happiness is…Quilting in McKinney, TX.  One of two amazing stores in McKinney just minutes from my mom’s house.  You can make this pattern work with any materials, or scraps.  I had 7 prints here, but you can make do with more or less…….you pick!  I pressed my fat quarters and cut them to be 8″ squares.  This pattern will work with any size squares, although, how big your squares are will determine how big your quilt is.


Next, make nine-patches with your squares.  Like this…  sew ’em and press ’em.


Now comes the fun part.  Slice the nine patch in half.  Directly in half.  Top to bottom and side to side.  Here’s what it will look like after you cut…


And even more magical…….twist ’em and turn ’em and see what you come up with!


For this baby quilt, I made three complete 9 patches, which yielded me 12 blocks.  So, I needed 27 of the 8″ square to make this quilt.  Yes, I had a some leftovers, so I made a little lovey with those.  I just couldn’t resist……more on that in a bit.   Back to the quilt……now lay them all out and decide how you want it to look.  You can agonize over this for hours, or just throw it all together……and you’ll still like it either way.  Since my clock was ticking, I tried to decide quickly and started stitching it all together!


You may notice that all of my yellow squares are tiny.  That part was intentional, and honestly the only intentional thing about this quilt!  I put the yellow 8″ square in the center of the nine-patch for all of them.  Therefor, it was always the only sliced and diced 2 times.  I think I like the continuity that provided.  Just a random thought.

And here is my finished product……..out in the Texas sunshine!  For the little lovey blanket, I sewed 4 of the extra squares together, added some tags, backed it with some of the scraps of minky, and stitched all four edges.  It was super quick and easy!


I used a very soft “buttercream” sort of color for the Minky Fabric……..an extremely soft yellow.  P1030632

Of course I had to add my Perrywinkle Place tag…..love my tags 🙂  I purchased them on Etsy, and couldn’t be happier with them!   They add just a little special touch!


The entire quilt is also backed in Minky Fabric, I think I forgot to mention that.  I sewed all four sides, flipped it right side out and then top-stitched the edges.  To hold it all together, I quilted the small yellow squares only.   This is a very light-weight quilt with no batting inside.  Since we live in Texas (and so does the recipient), this is really a nice weight for our weather.  I have received many positive comments from moms who have received this type of quilt from me in the past.  It just “works” for Texas and other warm states.  Sometimes I put flannel on the back instead of Minky.   Just FYI.


A Gift from the Heart : Friendship Preserves

fabric monogram bag 1

I’m only one day late!  Sorry……all 3 girls have been home since Wednesday, a funeral yesterday, and we had our foster child’s 3rd birthday last night!  Crazy weekend, and no blogging 🙂

This is the “gift from the heart” that Katherine brought to me at Stampin’ Up! convention this summer.  She also made these for the hostesses at her daughter-in-law’s baby shower this summer.  Aren’t they sweet?  She used My Digital Studio for the monograms.  This is the Broadsheet Alphabet printed on our Canvas Creations (page 156 in the SU Catalog) and printed them on her printer.  I know that you are going to wonder “what type of printer”???  I’m going to get her to tell me tomorrow and I will update this post.

fabric monogram bag 2

fabric monogram bag 3

Inside this gorgeous bag was a small jar of Homemade Sugar Scrub.  I’ll also ask her to share that recipe with me for a follow-up post.  I’m eager to make some gifts myself!  The stamped tag is the Friendship Preserves stamp set on page 117 of the SU Catalog. This set sells for $16.95 clear and $21.95 wood.  It is also available in MDS so you could also purchase it for MDS, along with the Broadsheet Alphabet and this would be a completely digital project.  Well, except for the sewing part.

fabric monogram bag 4


If you don’t sew, I still think you can get a “take-away” from this project.  What’s wrong with purchasing some small bags from a local craft store and embellishing it with the monogram?  You can easily attach this with fabric adhesive, or hand-stitch a small running stitch around the oval shape with embroidery floss.  Easy enough!  Take a peek at the other images and see if you might want to add this to your collection.  I think I’m in!   And don’t forget about the Chevron Ribbon.  Let me know if you need some samplers!

friendship preserves

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 7

Some of you may remember a few other pouches I have sewn for this swap, and I have had so much fun.  So, I managed to squeeze in some time to participate in Round 7 the past couple of weeks.  Tomorrow is the mailing deadline, and I’m ready!  I’ve really enjoyed creating for my partner.  She requested a Wristlet — something to carry her phone, keys, and a few cards.  She also mentioned that she likes blues and grays, butterflies, and a zipper closure.

Here is what I created…….and I can’t wait to see what I get in the mail sometime this week! This is the front…

PLPS 7 Front

And here is the back side:

PLPS 7 Back

This is the bottom pleat….I really like this part of the pattern I used.

PLPS 7 Bottom

I adjusted the pattern, added these little credit card pockets, to meet my partner’s criteria.  I was a little unsure if I could figure it all out, but I did…

PLPS 7 Inside

Here’s a close up of the butterfly embroidery.  I have a fantastic book full of patterns.  There is a CD with the book so that you can pirnt out the patterns in the size that you want.   It has all types of patterns — something for everyone!

PLPS 7 Close Up Embroidery

The first time I participated, I didn’t realize that most of the ladies send a few extra goodies in the package.  I learned quick!  So here are some fat quarters from my stash.  I happened to find some butterflies that I thought I could part with, along with some buttons and Stampin’ Up! trim.  I hope she likes everything.  I had so much fun making something special and trying to create something she will really like!

PLPS 7 Package

A few weekend projects…

I enjoyed some quality time on Saturday……..Charles was outside doing yardwork, Sarah was gone to a band competition, and I was crafting!  Peace and quiet and wonderful!  I feel a tiny bit guilty saying that, but honestly, it was fabulous!  So here are a few glimpses at what I worked on…

This “Harvest” Wall Hanging came from Hobby Lobby.  I placed a layer of cotton batting in the middle and did some very simple outline quilting.  It’s done in black thread, so you can see it on the pictures, I’m sure.  But I outlined several of the features, and also the large rectangular border.  I added ties in the top 2 corners to attach it to a curtain rod, pole, or something.  I may end up taking it to my office…….not sure.

Then I made a Halloween pillowcase for the girls.  I’m mailing them in a care package.  I don’t think they look at my blog, but SHHHH…..they haven’t gotten them yet!  I couldn’t mail them today either, as it was a US Post Office holiday.

This is Lindsey’s with the black background and edging.

This one is Allyson’s with the purple background.  Her school colors are yellow and purple — so I thought this was perfect for her.  And she LOVE candy corn.  Her boyfriend call them her “happy medicine” because they make her so happy!  Isn’t that a hoot!

This last photo is for my online quilting group.  This is the block that we made for September.  It’s a Wonky Star.  It was quick and easy.  And I really like her color choices!  That’s all for tonight.  This “working woman” needs to be in bed!  I’m still adjusting to everything, but work is going very well!  I’m very pleased with every aspect of my job.  And today was my boss’ birthday.  I made him an awesome card and Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake.  They ALL love me at the office now.  They devoured that cake!

A little more sewing…

I’ve had this pattern forever……really about 2 years……and I’ve been trying to find time to make it for ME.  Yes, I wanted to actually sew something and keep it around.  I usually give everything away as gifts.  But this is something that I’m super glad I made for myself……and now I’m ready to make more of them for others.  But I’ll keep this one for me 🙂

It’s a pincusion, and a thread catcher, and a cute little thingy……..all rolled up into one fun little project!

I filled my pincushion with Crushed Walnut Shells.  They sell them at the local quilt shop.  They are very inexpensive and a little goes a long way!  The crushed walnut shells will help keep your pins sharpened.  Some people use sawdust or other things to fill their pincushions.  But these work great, too! I had originally planned on the purple being where the blue is……and the blue where the purple is.  Oh well…..my brain was a little backwards at the time.  Ha!

And one more thing that I’m working on — ornaments!  I’m really enjoying these quick little embroidery projects (and a few others that I don’t have photos of) because they are small enough for me to take with me when we are flying to the football games.  I like having something to work on while we sit in the airport, and this will help me with my Christmas list.  Aren’t these adorable?  And I will enjoy using up my scraps to make them, also.   We are headed to Denver this weekend and I’m super duper excited that my dear friend, Charley, will be meeting me there on Sunday to go to the Broncos game with me.  I’ll be staying an extra day to spend some girl-time with her…….but we’re sending Charles back on Monday 🙂

10 days and counting…

I have 10 days left until I go back to work full-time.  Yes, a real job with real 8-5 hours.  A real, permanent job.  I am excited and eager to learn new things….but I’m also quickly trying to finish a few things at home and squeeze in some more fun things before October 1st.  So today’s post will show you a few things I’ve been sewing (my other love) in the midst of doing Stampin’ Up! projects.  I love to sew — it’s cheaper than therapy — well, maybe.  I do spend an awful lot on material.  Maybe that’s not a good analogy!

First, I belong to a few Online groups and I was a little behind on my quilt blocks for those groups.  These are the blocks that we were asked to make for August and September.  If you don’t know how these work, the person in charge of the designated month sends you their fabric and pattern.  You stitch it together and send it back.  It is a GREAT way to learn new quilting blocks and techniques.  I really enjoy this group.

Next, I am in a swap group called “Pretty Little Pouch Swap”.  This is my second round of participation in this group.  I am not sure that my pouch turned out exactly how I envisioned it this time……but they have to be mailed by Friday, so it’s done and I’m heading to the Post Office.  But in my mind, I envisioned something a little different.  Oh, well.  I hope my partner likes it!

First I made a large piece of checkerboard material.  Alternating gray linen, bright colors (my partner doesn’t like pastels) and some squares that are sewing images (thread,pin cushions, and machines).  I fussy cut them from a piece of material I had.  Then I used this large rectangle to make the BOX POUCH.

I added some buttons randomly in some of the squares after I had it all sewn together.

The inside is neat……I lined it with a cute print but ironed on HEAT ‘N BOND VINYL to make it laminated cotton.  If you have not tried this, you need to.  It was easy to use and I am loving it for the insdie of bags.  This will be my new “go to” for small pouches and bags.  Great for make-up bags, too!

Can you see the orange fabric inside?  This is a great feature of this pattern.  They have you take strips of material and cover your raw seams.  It makes for such a nice finish.  It was not hard to to.  Just like attaching a binding, I suppose.  Makes the bag look so clean and crisp!

And this is a little matching pin cushion for my swap partner.  Nothing fancy, just a little something to put inside the bag.  I also sent her a little notepad, a pair of scissors, and a large decorator-type button.  I wanted to fill the pouch with some goodies for an extra little surprise.

I think that’s all for today.  I’ll show you a few more things tomorrow.  I am headed to Dallas to see my mom and sister-in-law.  That’s another thing that I won’t get to do much of when I start work.  I’m going to have trouble squeezing it all in!  Have a great day and come back to visit my blog soon!