Spooky Expressions Decor Elements

I know it might be a little bit early for jack-o-lanterns………but I want to show you this so you can think ahead.  I had to shop several places to find some plain orange plates that I could use for this project, so I thought that you might want to start looking NOW for them if you want to make one of these.  These cute little faces are Decor Elements and there are THREE of them in a package for only $4.95.  I think that is one of the BEST bargains we have!  The faces are all a little bit different, but very similar.  The green felt “stems” are the leaves from our Sweet Pea Felt Accents that we sold last year.   If you want to create a similar look , you could cut out leaf shapes using the Big Shot, or free-hand them with felt and scissors.  I attached them with Glue Dots.  Although this would NOT be washable, it would be cute for decoration, or to take a plate of cookies to your neighbor or teacher.  I think it would be fine for hand-washing, just not machine washing.

Item #117568  $4.95

Spooky Expressions from the Definitely Decorative Catalog


Decor Elements Storage Bucket

Just an update post……..we are NOT getting the new baby boys.  They were able to secure a relative placement for them, and they have another foster family in place if that does not work out over the weekend.  We couldn’t continue to wait since I am leaving with Allyson and Lindsey on the Youth Mission Trip.  We are a little sad, but also a little relieved.  I was going to worry myself sick over Charles home alone with them all next week……….

Now, on to Stampin’ Up! projects!  I will have a few posts for you this next week, even in my absence.  Please check back!  I have gotten them ready ahead of time and I hope you will enjoy them.

I mentioned earlier in the week how much cleaning I had been doing in my office.  Well, this cute little Decor Elements was one of the goodies I found.  I think I got this for FREE from Stampin’ Up! at convention last year.  This is NOT an image you can order, but we have several similar designs and many NEW DESIGNS available July 1st in the new catalog.  I was needing a place to put all my little “loose” Sizzlet and thin Sizzix dies……..and I had found this cute little bucket somewhere last month.  However, it was plain and boring, and it certainly needed a Decor Element to spruce it up!  I was a tiny bit worried because of the ridges on the bucket, but it went on smoothly and easily.  I had to press a few spots down more than once, but all in all, very nice application!

See all my little pieces down in there………I’m sure I’ll outgrow this soon, but for now, it works! 

Happiness Decor Elements

It has been awhile since I have shown you any of our Decor Elements Products, but I recently finished a project that has been swimming around in my brain for quite some time.  I don’t think this photo does it justice.  I think it looks much better in real life, but here it is…..

I took an old, old window frame and sprayed it black — then sanded it off a bit to distress it and make it look kinda old again.  I added “happiness” decor elements to the top pane of glass and added some family photos in the bottom pane.  I accidently ordered the Decor Element in Chocolate Chip (meant to order Black) — but it ended up looking OK with the different shades of brown in our bricks.  If I decide I really, really can’t live with it, I’ll just take it off and apply a black one later on.  So far, it’s staying.  But that is the beauty of Decor Elements.  When you get tired of them, or you want a new saying like “family” or “welcome” — then you change it out for minimal expense and very little effort.  I now have 3 different Decor Elements in the house and I can’t wait to figure out where to put the next one.   I attached the photos with repositionable adhesive in very small amounts so that I can change them out with minimal effort, too!

Remember this one?

or these canisters?

And we have some really neat CHALKBOARD DECOR ELEMENTS coming out in our new Summer Mini Catalog.  They are perfect for labeling large jars or canisters.  You will love them! 

Happiness Decor Elements

Size Medium……….$22.95

Dry Goods Decor Elements and Christmas Jingle Card Class

I have a really neat Decor Elements project that I did this weekend, but first I want to put in a plug for my next class….just a little “teaser” and the photos will be in tomorrow’s post.  I hope you will mark your calendar and RSVP quickly so I can order your supplies!

Christmas Jingle Card Class

Sunday, September 27th 3-5 p.m.

Make 10 cards/envelopes for $18

You will receive 1/2 of the Christmas Jingle Simply Scrappin’ Kit and go home with EXTRAS to make several more cards or projects. 


Decor Elements  — Dry Goods

Ever since I saw these Decor Elements for Canisters, I have wanted to put them on display in my kitchen!  I have shopped all over for the “perfect canisters”, but I finally gave up on finding exactly what I want (and can justify spending money on!).  I found these canisters for only $9.99!!!  Yes, I am telling all my secrets!  I decided that I liked them enough to spend that small amount of money, and if I find some that I like better………well, I will donate these to someone else and have invested a minimal amount of money!  However………I think I really like them and won’t fret over this any more!  I can use all the money I saved by NOT buying some expensive canisters and spend it on more stamps!  HEE HEE!  Charles will love that idea — not!!!

One more little bit of information before I show you the steps to creating the canisters……these Dry Goods Decor Elements are FREE with a $150 workshop or personal order.  They are a Hostess Item that you can earn for free.  The Decor Elements brochure is full of beautiful products for your home, but these canister labels are not available for purchase.  You can get them for placing an order of ANY Stampin’ Up! merchandise.  You do not have to order strictly from the Decor Elements catalog — we can “mix and match” from all our catalogs to earn this hostess gift.  Hope that makes sense to you….

dry gookds 1Here is my smallest canister, the Decor Elements Applicator Tool, and the “TEA” label that I am placing on this smallest canister.

dry goods 2You will want to take the applicator tool and “burnish” or rub the Decor Element to prepare it a little bit for adhering. 


dry goods 3

Peel back the paper backing to expose the “sticky” part of the Decor Element.  Peel Slowly to make sure that all parts of the element are in tact.

dry goods 4Carefully adhere the Decor Element in the desired location.  On curvatures like this canister, begin in the center and then gently press to the right and left. 

dry goods 5Peel off the white paper, and you’re done.  You can use your bare fingers to press down on the Decor Elements Image if you see an area that is needing a little more pressure.

dry goods 6Here are all of them…….Tea, Coffer, Sugar, and Flour…..what do you think? 

Hope your Monday is fantastic!  Come back tomorrow for the Christmas Jingle samples!

Click here to SHOP OUR DEFINITELY DECORATIVE CATALOG and see all of our Decor Elements and MORE! 

definitely decorative brochure

Decor Elements

Edited Update:  If you want to see the UPDATED retired list of accessories…. I have just updated it as of today, Tuesday, August 5th.  Please let me know right away if you want to order anything from this list. 

I wanted to remind you of our new Home Decor products called Decor Elements.  If you would like to see more click here and you can see more information from our SU website.   You can also contact me personally and I can send you a brochure of products that are available NOW.  However, we will be unveiling Phase 2 this fall with many more beautiful items.  I am very excited about Phase 2……..even more than Phase 1.  Here are a few home decor ideas.  I have a feeling that I will try to do a class this fall with these vinyl rub-ons.  The projects we saw at convention were beautiful and would make such great Christmas gifts for my loved ones.  Here are a few of my favorites…….but I have photos of so much more!

This frame is a shadow box frame.  The Decor Elements Image  is on the glass top and then the fall items are enclosed in the shadow box.  If I can find these frams at an affordable price, we will definitely have a class on these!

Love this antiique frame made from a cabinet door!  You can bet I am going to be scouting out the antique stores for something like this.  I would really like this in my house!!!

Last photo for today………these are “2 step” vinyl rub-ons…….yes, you can do one color, and then do another color on the top!  COOL, huh???  These will be available in the fall, as well.  These would be adorable on your daughter’s wall, or the smaller ones on a frame………..so cute!

One more thing……we will soon be selling sheets of vinyl.  They will be available in some Neutral Colors and you can use these sheets of vinyl with the Sizzix dies to create your own custom wall art!!!  You will be able to spell any words, cut any shapes, do your own thing!!!  How nice is that???  I can’t wait to get my hands on this and do my own thing to match my decor.  Perfect!  Way to go Stampin’ Up!!!

Thats all for today.  I am playing catch up today (a little more) and hoping to stamp some new stuff in the next few days.  For now, I am just going to continue showing you some samples from Convention until I can get things in order around here.

Our club class meets next Tuesday for our “orientation” session.  If you signed up for this club (there are 21 of you, I think) you will get your new catalog that evening, make 2 cards, and choose your month to be the hostess.  This will be a slightly abbreviated class, no major projects, and no committment to purchase.  However, if you see something you just gotta have………of course I will always take your orders!!!  Did you doubt that???

Have a great day!  Enjoy the beginning of the end of summer…….Dawn