Five Sheet Wonder

NOTE:  My next class is on Thursday, May 15th.  (rescheduled from May 8th).

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Watercolor Wonder Notecards

I remembered this week that I never showed you the cards from my Club Class in April!  OOPS!  I was super excited to teach my club gals about LeeAnn Greff’s amazing template called Five Sheet Wonder.  Some of you may have done a “one sheet wonder” before, but I had not ever seen a FIVE sheet wonder.  I encourage you to visit LeeAnn’s blog for amazing and wonderful ideas, but also to check out her template for the Five Sheet Wonder.  The template allows you to easily create 10 cards, but we only put 5 of them together for my class.    How does it work?  You stamp ALL OVER one sheet of Whisper White Cardstock, and then cut it all up to create 10 cards.  Why is it called 5 sheet wonder?  Because LeAnn has you choose 4 other solid cardstocks (making 5 total sheets) and follow the templates to cut those up, too.  VOILA!  Lots of pieces and lots of fun to assemble!







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