Label Love Wedding Card

I wanted to post this yesterday, but just didn’t find the time in my busy Monday schedule… was Monday — all. day. long.  I carved out a little Stampin’ time on Sunday afternoon while the little one was napping, and tried to plan for the cards that I actually NEED, as opposed to just stampin’ because I felt like it!  Next weekend we have a wedding to attend, and a toddler birthday to attend, so those were my two main goals.  We had Sarah’s Prom this past weekend, so I was mainly tied up with Prom festivities all weekend (pictures at the bottom of this post)…….so I had to really focus on what had to be done first.  Then I can “play” with other stamp ideas.  P1030814

I used the gorgeous tulips from my Easter Blessing, and stamped them onto DSP from the Watercolor collection.  I was able to create this card in record time……no coloring on the tulips.  Isn’t this gorgeous?  I can’t take full credit, as I found inspiration for the tulip part on Pinterest, but the rest of my card is totally “me”.  To dress it up, I added lots of ribbon, glitter, and bling.


Hopefully you can get a closer look at the Dazzling Details (glitter glue) that I applied to the tulips and to the “Mr and Mrs” from Label Love.  I really love how this all turned out!  And the  best thing —  I won’t be scrambling on Saturday to make a wedding card at the last minute!  Yippee!



And now for a few Prom pictures of Sarah.  She looked gorgeous and had a very fun evening!  Honestly, Lila had more fun than anyone!  She loved seeing all the girls in their “ball gowns” and really loved the “red carpet” affair!  She just didn’t understand why she couldn’t go with sister to the ball…

sarah and jackson 1


sarah prom with lila

sarah and jackson 3


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