Happy New Year!

Hello friends!  Happy New Year!  I hope 2014 is a fantastic year for each of you, and I’m thrilled to begin a new year myself!  There has been about a 3 week break for me from the blog, due to illness, holiday happenings, and family priorities.  So much has happened in the last 3 weeks, that I hardly no where to start.  Here are a few “bullet points”.

  • Our precious foster child, who is 3, came down with flu the week before Christmas.  It didn’t seem so bad, as she perked up in only about 3 days.  I thought I was doing ok, but on Dec. 17th started coughing and feeling a little sluggish.  By the next morning, I was down and out, and knew that I had caught the flu as well.  I had a very rough time, and stayed in bed for 4 days.  I really don’t think I have EVER felt that bad in my 46 years of life.  In the meantime, my college girls started coughing, and felt a little run down, but never had fever or anything serious.  Praise the Lord!
  • I was praying so hard to be well by Christmas day, and I did manage to start feeling somewhat better on the 24th, made it to church and family get-togethers on Christmas Eve at night, and then on Christmas Morning as well.  I barely had a voice, but I managed to be a part of the family……and that was a big accomplishment.
  • We had tickets for The Nutcracker in Ft. Worth the day after Christmas, and we all loaded up for some fun holiday travel, eating out, shopping, and all things “girly”.  The show was amazing, and we had a fun time being freed up from the 3 year old.  We had a special family in Waco keeping her, so it was an extra special out-of-town treat for us all!
  • The next morning we enjoyed breakfast, got dressed, picked out a huge mall to go to……and then went out to car to find that some burglars had smashed in our side window and stolen our presents for my mom and sister-in-law who we were going to see the next day.  I was so sad — and none of our gifts were things that a burglar would want.  I know that they just trashed them in a dumpster somewhere!  We ended up having to get the window fixed, spending our “shopping money” for the repairs, and learning a lesson or two in life.  It was sad to go to my mom’s house without gifts, but I suppose we were reminded more than ever that Christmas is about family, not presents.
  • I had made my mom a digital book using My Digital Studio.  That was the item that I was most upset about.  However, it was the easiest gift to replace.  I called Stampin’ Up! not too long after the incident occurred and asked them if they could look up my order and reprint the book.  I didn’t have my computer with me, so I didn’t have a way to upload it again.  Stampin’ Up! was so amazing to work with me……and they reprinted it for FREE!  That’s right…..they felt so bad for me, and wanted me to have a new book for my mom right away.  I was so touched.
  • We ended our trip that weekend with a dinner date to see Zoe, her mom, and her grandmother.  Zoe was our former foster child, and she is now 8 years old.  We love her and her family so much!!!   We don’t get to see her as often as we would like, but we treasure every moment.

photo (2)

  • Our foster child ran fever off and on the whole time we were gone.  We felt horrible about it, but it was just “par to the course” for how our holidays went.
  • Both college kids are still home, so the house is still FULL and the food disappears faster.  But we love the extra help with the little one, and family time with all of us is SO rare these days.  We are blessed!
  • My father-in-law leaves this week in preparation for another Stem Cell Transplant.  This will be his THIRD.  The last one was only 2 years ago.  We had a big dinner last night to bid him “farewell” and send him off with his favorite BBQ meal.  Please join us in prayer for things to go well.  We probably will not have them home again until May or June.

So…….things are starting to get back to “normal”, I suppose.  We have one college boyfriend visiting now, and another one coming in a couple of weeks.  My high schooler has a new “friend” who has been coming around, also, so Charles is looking into moving out to his shed out back.  He really doesn’t like all these boys around here 🙂

I am leaving to go to Stampin’ Up! Leadership this week, but I am not prepared at all and still feeling a little sluggish from being so sick.  I am trying to take it easy and not have a relapse.  I have NO swaps made, no gifts for the roomies, but we are all so excited to see one another!  We will take lots of photos and come home with amazing ideas.

I pray that 2014 is a fabulous year for all of us…….and no matter what happens, I know that God is in control and will equip me for it.  I am thankful for a job that I love, that provides money for college tuition, and my “fun job” with Stampin’ Up! that allows me to work as much as I can squeeze in.  Some day, I will have more time and energy to devote to it.  But for now, I will work as I have time.  Our little foster child takes most of our time and energy, but she is worth every bit of it!

Here’s to 2014 and all the smiles that the new year will bring!  God has blessed me with 4 wonderful girls and I love them so much!



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