April Club Project #2

Special note:  I have added several stamp sets to my Etsy site.  I want to clear these out before the Retired List comes out this next week.  Hurry and grab them up……very cheap prices.  Click on my Etsy link in the sidebar!


Butterfly Card 4

WOW!  What a week it has been!  For those who don’t know me, we live about 20 miles from the Fertilizer Plan Explosion in West, TX.  We are a very small community, the same size as West, and we have played West in sporting events all our lives.  It has truly “rocked our world” and the outpouring of love from around the world has been felt.  And, of course, I do not want to forget Boston, either.  What a series of events that has been.  And in the midst of it all, on Tuesday night, my husband and I spent the night in the ER because he busted his head wide open!  It was a freaky accident where he simply ran into the door facing……yes, ran into the door facing…….you read that right.  And the door facing WON!  So what a crazy experience (the night prior to the West catastophe) and one that I don’t want to replay.  Things like this make stamping seem so insignificant.  But on the other hand, many turn to creative outlets when they are stressed as a comfort.  So, I will carry on with the things I love to do, and share more projects with you as time allows.  This butterfly card was one of my club projects, and comes together quite nicely (and easily) with the help of the BIG SHOT!  What did I ever do before I had a Big Shot?

Butterfly Card 1

I tried to give my gals some visuals this time, as I know that this helps me alot.  So here are the pieces we used.  You will need TWO of the Top Note Dies, scored in the middle (at the point) but then cut off 1/2″ past that point.  You will notice Sticky Strip on the 1/2″ flap.

Butterfly Card 2

Assemble the 2 flaps at each side.  Notice the DSP and ribbon were added, and then I trimmed the points with my Snips.  you add the 2 butterflies and you have a creative card that opens up in the middle to reveal a greeting, or a hand-written note from you.  I also sponged the edges of the butterflies with Tangarine Tango Ink.  Isn’t this a neat color combo?  Inspiration came from Pinterest for this project, but I changed the colors to meet my paper that I had in my stash.  Have a great week!  Let’s pray that this week is better than the last!

Butterfly Card 3


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