Friends……..the Clearance Blitz is in FULL SWING…….and some items are already sold out. I held off and tried to finalize my order this morning, and two of the ribbons I wanted are already gone. If you want something from the Clearance Blitz, you better go for it!

clearance blitz brown

I apologize for not posting more often on the blog, or posting my creative projects.  Truthfully, I just run out of steam!  I’m having to juggle things alot differently now that I am working full time.  I appreciate your patience, and I am fully committed to continuing Stampin’ Up! and blogging.  I just don’t always squeeze in posting.  I need to come up with a better system once the holidays are over.  I have plenty of ideas to share, I just need to schedule my time at the computer a little differently so that can post more regularly.  My college girls are home, and I am savoring every moment with them.  We finally got the tree up last night — all together — and so much fun!  I am so blessed and so thankful!

I’ll post as much as I can……..I know that you understand my dilemma — and support me.  Love to all of my friends and family!


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