Graduation Day!

Today is a very special day!  Lindsey will graduate from Lorena High School and begin her journey in the “real world”.  I am so proud of her accomplishments and for graduating #6 in her class.  She is such a bright and outgoing young lady and I know that God has great plans for her future.  She will continue her studies at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and is BEYOND excited about her college days.  She is ready to move on…….and I’m ready to let her wings take her wherever the Lord leads her.

In my letter to Lindsey on Senior Sunday, I asked her to remember these words:

“Always remember WHO you are and WHOSE you are.”  I have no doubt that she will always remember that the Heavenly Father gave her to us to parent, but she is truly HIS child and she must follow HIS path.  Letting go is painful, but I am excited for my precious child to experience college and adulthood!



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