A little bouquet of flowers…

I love flowers!  Especially pink ones…….and I really don’t mind having them around the house, but the cat always tries to eat them, and that creates quite a set of problems, and we rarely spend the money on “real” flowers.  So, how ’bout sticking to some flowers on cards?  I think that works for me (most of the time) — and this pretty “bouquet” came from my friend Dee.  She mixed Pink Pirouette with Chocolate Chip — even better!  She also told me that she tried to make this card resemble a quilt…..and we all know that I love quilts.  So take a look at this gorgeous card made with the Blossom Bouquet Triple Punch — almost as pretty as real flowers (and a quilt, too).

And now for some real flowers…….these pictures are from Salt Lake City when we went to our “favorite” Quilt Shop, Piper’s.  This is a precious, charming old house with treasures inside — for the quilters, knitters, and dreamers.   My trip to SLC would not be complete without stopping and shopping here, and dreaming of all the projects I wish I had time to complete.


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