VICTORY for the Lady Leopards!

Allyson insisted on making a trip to Bryan last night to see her team play….thinking, of course, that this could be the last game for her high school.   She looks healthy here, but let me assure you that we BARELY made it through the evening and she was so worn out.  She will probably sleep all day today.  But the Lady Leopards won, and maybe it was the perfect “dose” of medicine we all needed!  Here is her precious coach, who initially took her to the ER for us when I was still out of town.  We love him like family!

And here she is with the team trophy….she was so proud to be a part of the team even though she won’t be able to play any more.  I feel so blessed that we were able to make the trip and she fought through the pain to be there.  We play again on Tuesday (most likely) against Huntsville.  The district started with 204 teams and is now down to 32 teams.  We are a 3A school in a 4A district, so this is quite impressive!!!!!


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