Spreading some birthday cheer…

Yesterday was the birthday of a very dear friend of ours.  She is one of the most special women in my life, and has been a Godly example to my entire family.   She has taught all of my girls piano lessons, led Bible studies when I was a young mother, conducts my ladies’ ensemble group, and the list goes on and on and on…           But most of all, I’m just glad to call her my friend!  She’s had some health obstacles here lately, and she really needs our prayers and encouragement.  I feel such a strong calling to be the “hands and feet” of Christ in small, practical ways.  I can’t always do the BIG things, but I can do ALOT of small things.  Yesterday was not only her birthday, but also piano lesson day……..perfect!  So, here is what I made for her. 

Pumpkin Bread…….wrapped in alot of love!  I tore a piece of fabric to wrap around the middle, and added a little tag.  I had this image sitting on my desk, punched and ready.  It was “left-overs” from another project, and it worked perfect for this little gift!

I also made her another dishtowel.  She loved the one that I embroidered for her awhile basck, so I decided to sew fabric scraps on this one.   These are little pieces of leftover 30’s prints from a previous project.  What do you think?  I’m considering trying to make more of these to sell, with all different types of fabrics………I’d like feedback if you don’t mind. 

Here’s a photo of it all spread out……and I must admit, it was hard to give this away since I love these prints SO SO MUCH!!!


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