The weekend is over….

WOW!  We stayed so busy this weekend that it flew right on past us…..and now we are back to Monday!  Seems like Mondays roll around more often than I’d like them too 🙂

But, on the other hand, it is a “fresh start” and one step closer to another exciting weekend.  This week will be a tough one for us, but very special, too.  We will be able to meet the baby’s new adoptive parents.  We are so pleased, and know that God is at work in all the details of this situation.  It just doesn’t seem fair that something so joyful for one, has to be so painful for another.  And so the process begins… process of letting go, my process of adjusting to life withour her, and my process of grieving.  There is a HUGE silver lining here, though!  We will able to keep in touch with her new family, pay her visits in the future, and see how she progresses in life.  This is a HUGE answer to prayer.  Some of you know that many times we have been unable to follow up on our babies, and it makes the journey even more painful for me.  We have every reason to believe that we will stay a part of her life, and see her grow up, she just won’t be in our home any more.  THANK YOU JESUS!!!!  So, please be patient with me this week and say prayers EVERY TIME you think of me.  I need them more than you can imagine.

I am also thankful that this week is going to be pretty busy.  Lots of things going on to keep me moving and focused.  I have both of my Stamp Clubs this week and I will begin showing you our projects tomorrow.  I’m very excited about a One Sheet Wonder template that I purchased from Diane’s Designs.  I think you will like the idea — and Diane would love to have you visit her blog.  At the end of the week, we have our High School’s Prom!  We will be busy decorating and putting all the final details in place so the Seniors are sure to have a very memorable prom.  Allyson is a Junior, and she will be going to the prom, but the Junior parents actually “put on” the prom for the Seniors.  So, that’s how we got looped into that mix….

Saturday morning we did a massive amount of “spring cleaning”……all five of us!  In the midst of our outside work, we found this HUGE nest on our front porch!  The photos don’t do it justice, but it was much bigger than the usual “mud nests” that the little birds build in the corners.  This one had lots of different “materials” and we were so impressed.  We kept wondering what kind of larger bird would build this nest, and why didn’t they use one of our 25 trees……

So I was really excited about watching it, taking photos of it along the way, baby birds, etc…..and I had even gotten the ladder out once to “check on things”…….well, I have sad news… fell down last night.  We found it on our porch this morning in several pieces.  But NO EGGS…….so maybe the momma bird can re-build or something.  I guess her nest was too heavy for this unsupported location.  Sad…

Sarah’s Piano Recital

The performance…

All of the students…

The older students…

Sarah’s teacher, Ann

That’s all for now, folks!  I will be back……….with projects and baby news, both.  Thanks for being my friends, supporting me, encouraging me, and praying for me.


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