Weekend Review…

Well, I’ll start with Friday because “technically” it is the start of the weekend.  It poured down rain all day, and the temps dropped about 30 degrees in 30 minutes……..and I stayed indoors all day long!  I took the opportunity to start on a throw-size quilt for my own living room.  I found the fabrics in Waco at Tomorrow’s Quilts.  I have never made a quilt from start to finish, so I’ll keep you posted if you stay with me long enough!  The fabric is Rouenneries by French General made by Moda.  This is only a fraction of the entire line of fabrics, but I chose these colors because they match the colors of my couch in the living room.   The quilt is made with a variation of the “Churn Dash Block”.  If you are a quilter, and want to know more, feel free to message me. 

These 7 blocks represent the 7 materials used in the quilt.  There are 25 blocks total, and I’ve completed 10 of them.  Like I said, it will take awhile, but I plan to work on it a little here and a little there. 

The continual rain on Friday caused Allyson’s soccer game to be postponed until tonight.  WOOHOO!  A free night at home, and a Friday night, too!  What a great deal!  We stayed by the fire and enjoyed the evening at home.  I can’t tell you how glad I was to not have to sit in the freezing rain for a soccer game!

On Saturday evening,  we had a Semi-Formal dance at the high school.  I had the privelege of chaperoning and cleaning up……..much to the dismay of my daughters!  (well, one of them in particular)  It was a beautiful evening and they looked fabulous — enjoy the pics!  Other than being super-duper tired on Sunday, it was a great weekend.  My body is certainly not used to being up until 1 am!  Oh, the life of teenagers!

Allyson’s hair turned out so pretty.  I fixed it myself, and I really think she liked it…….it even stayed curled for most of Sunday, too!  Just couldn’t resist showing a photo of these gorgeous ringlets!

Allyson and one of her best friends, Kelsi.

Lindsey and one of her friends, Emily


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