Wishin’ for snow…

Seriously, I would love to see some snow!  It won’t happen, but I can always do some wishin’…..I hear that it is falling up north, but all we seem to get here is RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN!  It rained all day yesterday and supposed to rain all day today…….but it might clear up for the weekend!  YEAH! 

I haven’t stamped anything new this week, but I have been doing some sewing projects.  I am finishing up my second baby quilt this week (pictures coming tomorrow) and I’m working on a project for one of Sarah’s best friends who is having her birthday party on Saturday.  I will post all of those goodies in the next couple of days.  I’m really enjoying some “quilting” projects — smaller projects, not full-blown quilts.  I am already setting a New Year’s Resolution, though, that 2010 will be the year for my first REAL quilt! 

So, I wanted to show you some snowflake cards from Convention this summer……..but I do not know who made these cards — sorry! The first card was on one of the display boards at convention.  It uses the “Season of Frien

season of friendship winter

snowflake card


2 thoughts on “Wishin’ for snow…

  1. Hey Dawn!
    Loving your blog as usual. The second card was my swap card. I didn’t realize until day 3 of convention that I forgot to put my labels on them. Oops – having too much fun with my Stampin’ friends I guess :).
    Miss you – L

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