Lunch with Callie and Club Project for February




Lunch at PeiWei with Callie, Paul, Charles and the girls.  One of our personal favorites……..yummy!!!!









Callie was all smiles after getting her braces off this morning! 












Sarah had a special request for a photo ALL alone with Callie and Paul.  No sisters…does that surprise any of you???













The girls took this photo of us as we were leaving.  We love you Callie and you will be missed!!!!






This is a coaster calendar that we made using a huge variety of products.  If you are interested in specific details, please let me know.  If you click on the thumbnail, you can see a larger photo (I think! You know I am not that good at this computer stuff!!!).  The ladies tonight really enjoyed making these……..hope tomorrow’s group does, too!  That’s all for now.  Gotta finish watching “The Batchelor” that Charles taped for me!!!!














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